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Mr. Alex Walker - Head Instructor

Mr. Walker alongside Grandmaster Hee Il Cho

Head Instructor at our school is Mr. Alex Walker. As a fourth degree black belt and International level Instructor, Mr. Walker brings many years of experience to his school and the classes that he teaches there.


Mr. Walker, although an Instructor with a fantastic passion for teaching, also dedicates much of his time continuing his own training. Only recently he has travelled to our AIMAA World Headquarters in Hawaii, USA to train directly under Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. He also makes regular trips to the AIMAA European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland as well as training on a weekly basis with his own Instructor, Mr. Belgacem, here in Scotland.


He is hugely dedicated in practising Tae Kwon Do and this passion is passed directly to his own students in our classes at Lochend.


Mr. Walker is hugely respected within the Scottish Tae Kwon Do community and will guide you through all stages of your Tae Kwon Do training.


You will never be asked to do something he has never done; indeed continues to do week in, week out.

Ms. Lynne Slade - Assistant Instructor

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